Mrs. Foulk's News


This Week:

Math: We have continued to develop our understanding of how and why we multiply. The expectation is that students can REPRESENT a multiplication equation or situation using groups of, arrays or repeated addition. We also began to discuss division. It is important to note that division and multiplication are related. If a student knows that 3X5=15, we want them to be able to quickly identify that 15/5=3. At the end of first quarter we are just wanting the representation of multiplication facts. As we go into second quarter, practicing the actual facts with fluency (flashcards or online practice) would be appropriate. Next week we will continue on with division representations.

Writing: We have what is called a "vent week" in writing. This means students are allowed to write about anything that they choose. We will begin writing personal memoirs the week of 10/27.

Reading: As readers, it is important to understand what is "important" while reading a text. We have been determining importance this week while we read aloud both fiction and nonfiction texts.

Science: Our "Universe Unit" is off and running. We have really enjoyed expanding our schema on the sun this week. Students have learned how the sun creates shadows and why we have day and night. Your third grader should be able to use the vocabulary "rotate" and "orbit" when discussing the relationship between the sun and earth. Next week, we will be focusing on the moon and its relationship to us on the earth.

Important Dates:

Week of October 27th: Parent/Teacher Conferences
October 30th and 31st: No School

Science Support

Multiplication and Division Support