How to be a decimal

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Move and Groove!

Decimals always move! If you multiply you just step aside but at the end you go back to where you were. If you divide you just hop out of the house but, in a straight line. A time when you need to step aside and go back to where you were (multiplying) is when everybody orders the same thing at a resuraunt!If you need to hop out of the house...In a straight line (dividing) if you go to a resturaunt and everybody wants to "split the bill"

Do you know how to be a decimal!

2 more examples!

DIVISION: you have a box of twinkies and you need to know how much each individual cost? You go to a grocery store and get meat and you need to find how much it is per lbs.

MULTIPLYING: You have to pay your house tax two times because you have another beach house. When you go to a gas station and you have to pay for the price per gallon