Battle of the Atlantic

Longest naval battle of WWII

Date and location: September 3, 1939 - May 8, 1945 North Atlantic Ocean

100 battles/ 1000 Single Ship Encounters

Parties Involved

Germany/United States of America/United Kingdom/Canada/Norway/Netherlands


German Sailors- 40,000

More than 160,000 sailors belonging to the Allied Powers

Technology Used

About 30,000 German U-Boats

More than 3,000 British ocean vessels

More than 1,000 British large coastal ships

Italian Submarines- 27

Canadian Vessel- 434


British merchant navy- 30,132 casualties, 2,603 British merchant ships sunk, 175 allied navy vessels sunk.

German navy- 28,000 casualties, 783 U-boats sunk.

Allied navy- 130,000 casualties, 5,150 ships sunk


The new convoy system, U-boats, Italian submarines, long range aircraft, sea mines, radar for escorting warships, and aircraft carriers.


Blockade of the Axis then soon followed by a counter blockade by the Axis.

Ended in an Allie victory leading to the end of the war.