Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Miss Leestma's Class 2015-2016



Thank you to everyone who came to Curriculum Night last week. If you were unable to make it, I sent home the packet with your child. If you have any questions about what we are doing in 2nd Grade this year, just let me know.

Late Starts: A reminder that the 23rd and 30th of September are both late start dates. School begins at 9:25.


Today is the first day that your child will receive homework. Each Monday homework will be passed out and the packet is due on Friday. If you finish before Friday, please feel free to turn it in whenever it is completed.

This week you will find several math pages as well as a word sort. I have split the class into groups and each group received a different word sort. These groups are flexible and can be changed throughout the year as students progress. Today each student sorted the words into the appropriate categories. Throughout the week we will do word study activities to keep practicing these words. On Friday, we will have a spelling test. I will choose ten of the words on their sort and will include the five popcorn words I have sent home. Popcorn words are sight words that all second graders should know upon leaving second grade. To practice words, have your child show you how to sort them at home. As we practice word study, I will send home different activities that you can use to practice each week.