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Pharaohs- Past and Present

Ramses II: Most Powerful Pharaoh Ever?

Ramses II is a very powerful ruler. He has everyone on their tails to get everything done. He thinks he is a god and maybe even more important. After all, he is a living god. We interviewed the pharaoh and this is what he said about his godliness: "I am even more important than the Gods. Ra, Isis, Anubis, and all of the other Gods should worship me! Me! Me! Me!" Well you heard it from the pharaoh. As as you know, the word of the pharaoh is law! So no, the Gods are probably worshiping Ramses II. Ramses II's wife, Nefertari is all for Ramses II, but she has her point of view. "I love my wonderful husband. He says he will build a temple just for me at Abu Simbel. How sweet! Though he might be a little caught up in himself... ,but he is so powerful. I love him!" Well, now you are hearing from Nefertari, even she thinks he is very powerful. Now it is up to you to decide whether he is the most powerful pharaoh or not.
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Remembering Seti I

Our previous pharaoh Seti I was a great military commander and waged several successful wars. He also built The Great Temple of Abydos. Seti I has (as of now) the lengthiest and deepest tomb in the Valley of the Kings. So every day still worship our gods but also take a minute or two to remember Seti I


Update on Abu Simbel Temples

The new temple is now under construction. It is predicted that it will be finished in about 19-20 years. There are rumors that it will have four 10 meter statues of our Pharaoh. Some other rumors say that our Pharaoh will be next to the gods and on two days of the year his face will be lit up by the sun. Also, we think that there is going to be a smaller temple dedicated to Nefertari near this new temple.
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New Irrigation Systems

Attention farmers! Please take advantage of our Pharaoh's investment in new irrigation systems. They will allow farmers to utilize the Nile's waters more efficiently than last year. This will ensure that we have a successful harvest, which will lower the cost of the crops. The new irrigation systems will be completed and ready to use in the next month.
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Thebes Academy

Thebes Academy for Boys has been schooling boys since 2345. The price per semester is three gold pieces. There are only boys allowed at this school as you can tell by the title, but we might be thinking of changing the name to Thebes Academy. No longer will the school be for just boys, but for girls also. This way we can have more scribes and we can do our best to fulfill our pharaohs duties. Stay tuned for more updates about when girls will be permitted to attend.

-Alim Baruti

Head of Thebes Academy [For Boys]

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Battle of Kadesh

The Battle of Kadesh took place last week. It was a recorded battle in which we tied with the Hittites. Since this occurred, a temporary peace treaty was set. Our Pharaoh claims that he was left alone to face the enemy. However, there are rumors that the draw may have been caused by bad leadership. We will now have to see how long peace will last in our kingdom...
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Trade, Selling, and Buying

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