Page 3- Who's That?

Biography Project

Parents Can Help Too!

Each student will be required to have their project sheet signed by a parent or guardian. Parents, please encourage your child to choose someone to research that they have not done a previous project on. We want to help them grow as learners and what better way to do that than researching important, influential, inspirational figures of society. Who knows maybe they'll choose you!

Ways To Help

1. Suggest influential figures for your child to research.

2. Sign the information sheet that your child has brought home.

3. Check in with your child everyday to ensure that they are keeping up with their research. Maybe they could use a ride to the library.

4. Ask them if they are going to do a Power Point, paper, or poster for their final project. Then, help them get the materials needed to construct their project.

5. Encourage them! Ask questions about the figures they are researching, who knows, you may learn something too!