Assistive Technology

DICTATION for IPad, iPhone, and Mac

What is Dictation?

Dictation lets you talk where you would type. Tap the microphone button on the keyboard, say what you want to write, and your iOS device converts your words (and numbers and characters) into text. So it’s easy to type an email, note, or URL — without typing at all.

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5 Tips to Master Dictation On You New iPad or iPhone
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This is a great tool for those who are sight impaired and struggle with typing on a touch device or communicating through text.

Can be used in the primary elementary classroom to:

  • help students spell and write.
  • help students write to their full potential using the breadth of vocabulary
  • they can dictate the words that they need help spelling
  • brainstorming: students can talk through an idea and have written notes with their thoughts to refer back to