New Goat & Sheep Breeds

Jade Allen

Golden Mancha

The Golden Mancha Breed is a new breed of goat that crosses the La Mancha with the Golden Guernsey.

The Golden Mancha is always in the cream to brown color spectrum, with the ears of the La Mancha, either gopher or elf. It is medium sized, polled, and has a straight face. It has a long length coat.

The Golden Mancha's strengths include a relatively kind disposition, being an efficient dairy producer with high butterfat, and being able to produce for a long time.

The Golden Mancha's weaknesses include its long hair being easily tangled and matted, having loud bleating, and it's small sized ears are viewed as a con to many people.


The Mericob breed of sheep is a sheep that is of a Jacob and a Merino.

The Mericob is a black and white sheep with 2-4 horns and is medium size.

The strengths of the Mericob are that it has easy lambing ability, highly sought after fleece that is high quality, and the ability to breed out of season.

The weaknesses of the Mericob are the fact it gets Footrot quite easily, grows slowly, and its multiple horns up an be a liability to its safety, being able to get caught in things.