Spectacular Seahorse

By Jake Agranovich


Did you know that the world’s slowest animal is the dwarf seahorse at 5 feet

per hour? Seahorses are spectacular sea creatures in many ways such as their body structure, movement, and diet. These unique fish are fascinating in so many ways.


Of all the many animals and fish in the ocean the seahorse is among the most intriguing and bizarre. Some of the many ways that these extraordinary fish fascinate people are their body structure, movement, and diet. Certainly these are some of the best creatures in the ocean.

Word Wall

This is my Google Draw Word Wall with ten word or phrases on the seahorse.
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Spectacular Seahorse

Seahorses, one of the most fascinating creatures

Different from almost any other animal in existence

They have a tail that wraps around the objects around them

They are very small carnivores

Seahorses have fantastic camouflage that makes it hard to spot them

Their head looks like a real horse

There are 47 different types of this amazing fish

Certainly one of the most appealing sea dwelling creatures

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Go Fish

In Go Fish we had the chance to make a 20 gallon fish tank were we had a fake budget of $250. My tank had 5 Lyretail Guppies, 4 Assorted Male Fancy Guppies, 2 Double-Tails Betas, and 8 Neon Tetras. All of these fish are freshwater fish. In total I spent $212.33. The theme for my fish tank was to have a freshwater fish tank with lots of colorful, tropical-looking fish. In addition to that I also chose the fish because they look very unusual. That is my Go Fish tank.

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1. Seahorse

2. Blue Whale

3. Jellyfish

4. Great White Shark

5. Clown fish

6. Coral

7. Octopus

8. Crab

9. Seaweed