SCHS Music Notes

December 16, 2019


Thank You to the collective efforts of our wonderful students, volunteers, and audiences for helping to make our Winter Concert & Silent Auction a Success!!!

I am so proud of our student performers (and arrangers) for putting on an amazing concert with very little time to prepare. It is a testament to their ambition, leadership, and tenacity.

Thank You Again to our Phenomenal SIlent Auction Committee Members: Heather Gertzki, Nora George, Alicia Breton, Melissa Conrey, Julita Cummings, Ulrika Lerner, Anne-Marie Sweeney & Nicole Tappin.

And Thank you to all who came out and supported us!

Barnes & Noble Gift Wrapping Fundraiser is This Weekend!

Originally our sign up sheet had three dates for this fundraiser, but we were only scheduled for 12/21 & 12/22. Please, if you are able to sign up for the dates listed!

We still need:

  • Wrappers: Should be proficient in wrapping and/or trained prior to event - i.e. sharp, clean edges with minimal tape usage and straight cut edges and folds; tight ribbons and bows. Tips are dependent on this!

  • Assistants: organize crowds, checks receipts while they wait in line for wrapping, asks choice or wrapping, can cut appropriate-sized wrapping paper ready for the next available wrapper - basically helps move things along when there is a wrapping line. This person can also assist with handing out gift tags and pens. Assistant does not have to be proficient in wrapping just be willing to communicate politely and clearly with the public.

  • Greeters: cheerfully greet customers at the door or standing in line to pay and inform of free gift wrapping services offered by Sage Creek HS Music.

  • Entertainers: i.e. Jazz Combo, Drumline, Christmas Chamber Groups set up to play outside B&N to draw customers in.


Please Only ADD Information (do not change anyone else's sign up).

Best Wishes for the Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Enjoy this much earned break and spend time with loved ones. I look forward to seeing you all again next decade!
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Upcoming Events!!!

Annual "Stay In Band Tour" Planned for 1/13

Wind Ensemble Students should plan to miss their classes for this day and should communicate with their teachers ASAP. We will be visiting Valley Middle School, Calavera Hills, and Aviara Oaks. More Info to Come!

SCHS Hosting The District Orchestra Concert 1/27

I am thrilled to announce that we are hosting the Combined Orchestra Concert on January 27th! Please be sure to mark your calendars. An Itinerary for students will be coming soon!
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Your Donations Are Important!

It may surprise you to know that as a music program, our funding from the district and school is very limited! In fact, we have already used up our site funds purchasing some much needed new instruments. That means that many of the opportunities we want for these fine young musicians, will need some help from you!

At this point, we have funds for sheet music, some minor repairs and not much else.

From your Donations, students will benefit from the following:

  • Coaching (more individualized instruction on their instrument)
  • Transportation and Fees for Music Festivals, Professional Performances, & Events
  • Master Classes
  • Instrument Purchases & Repairs
  • Sheet Music Purchases
  • Awards Banquets
  • Fun Music Excursions & Experiences

Here's how you can help!

I understand that these days, making ends meet is a challenge for many! But, there are many ways you can help to support our program and its students. Please, help in whichever ways you can!

  • Monetary Donation ($60 per trimester is recommended)
  • Instrument or Equipment Donation
  • Amazon Wishlist Item Donation
  • Volunteering for Music Events (ticket sales, student supervision, concessions, etc.)
  • Joining the Music Guild (survey linked below)
  • Attending Parent Meetings (see Google Calendars)
  • Creating a home environment that promotes practicing at home.
Donate via ASB Webstore

* You will likely need to "register" your account, as our ASB is using new software this year.

Stay Up To Date!

Calendar Updates & Changes to Note:

Sometimes new events pop up or old ones get canceled/rescheduled! Here are some changes we've got to date:

  • ADDED (tentatively): Barnes & Noble 3rd day of Gift Wrapping Fundraiser (Friday, December 20th). This would be in addition to our two days that Saturday and Sunday.

  • ADDED: Carols of Carlsbad: Saturday, December 7th (more details coming soon)

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