Why this chap takes his rounds around the table:

Bedivere was present for Arthur's entire reign as king. He served him as a faithful knight, even after the death of the king. Early in the King's quests against the Roman Empire, Beivere provided assistance in Athur's slaying of the giant of Mont St. Michel. As the only knight to survive the battle of Camelan, he took Excalibur back to the lake from whence it came and gave it to the Lady for the rest of time. After the death of his king, he reserved into a hermitage where he can always remain true to King and Country. Bedivere's courage, trustworthiness, and fearlessness make him the Most Chivalrous Man Alive!
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Bedivere the Wise isn't just chivalrous; he can work the mail as well as Britain's Top Models!
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His prowess and bravery has mused artists all over the nation!
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He's even a character in board games! This guy has done it all!