Principal Update


T-Minus 5 Days....

BSE Crew,

Today marks one final week to go before the end of the first semester for us at BSE. Thank you all for the tremendous focus and for making the last five days amazing for our young BSE Bears. Please continue to be precise on your supervision and continue to use every second to stay the instructional path. Monday night we will have a final redistricting plan and then we can jump into transitional thinking. I'll update with you factual information as soon as I have it in my hands.

Have a great day and thank you Kindergarten team for helping cover our little people while we are short on subs!


Winter Party Reminder

Goal: Welcome our parents and their families to showcase the learning of our amazing students. NO BACKGROUND CHECKS NEEDED!

Party: NO FOOD OR DRINK! Parents have many amazing ideas that will bring the notion of food and beverage into the building. WE DO NOT ALLOW FOOD OR DRINK...due to the allergy risk etc. Please make sure you keep the focus on the showcase and small celebration without food:)


Did You Know?

If the United States were able to close the educational achievement gaps between native-born white children and black and Hispanic children, the U.S. economy would be 5.8 percent larger in 2050 (PDF). The cumulative increase in gross domestic product from 2014 to 2050 would amount to $20.4 trillion, or an average of $551 billion per year, bolstering the argument that public investments that close achievement gaps would pay for themselves in the form of economic growth by 2050.