3S Sensations

Week of May 23

A Note From Ms. Salazar...AKA Mrs. OHL!

Dear 3S Families,

Thank you for all of your well wishes! It was so nice to come back to so many smiling faces after an incredible wedding weekend!

This week we completed our End Of The Year Math Assessment and everyone rocked it! The kiddos should be so proud of all their hard work this year.

Lots of fun coming up:

Field Trip: Wednesday June 1 to Edelman Planetarium

Please pack a bagged lunch in a bag labeled with your child's name. Chaperones will bring large bags to hold onto lunches until after the presentation. Weather permitting, we will be eating lunch on the Rowan campus

Indian King Tavern Skirmish: 6/4

There will be a reenactment of a skirmish depicting the unrest between those New Jersey residents who aligned themselves with England (thus they were called loyalists), and those who were on the side of liberty from England (patriots).

Throw in the Quakers- who had their own opinions and it makes for one fun day of history lessons! Please see photo below for more information or contact Mrs. Reenock! The kiddos took home flyers yesterday.

School Spirit Week: 6/6-6/10

  • Monday, June 6th – Superhero Day: Students will dress as their favorite superhero, or make one up! Remember, no weapons, please
  • Tuesday, June 7th – Decade day: Dress as your favorite decade: 50’s, 60’s, 70’s…maybe even into the future!
  • Wednesday, June 8th – Crazy Hair Day: Wear your hair in a fun and unusual style…It’s a Lizzie Haddon tradition!
  • Thursday, June 9th – Clash/Mismatch Day: Mix plaids with stripes, clash your colors…crazy clothes combinations are the order of the day!
  • Friday, June 10th – Olympic Multicultural Day (an international celebration!): People come from all over the world to compete in the Olympics. Show your USA pride and wear red, white and blue. Or, show your love for a place far, far away and wear a costume or flag for that nation.

Learning Celebration: 6/14

We hope you can join us for an informal celebration of our final projects for the year! Time TBD. I know scheduling can be difficult, especially that last week of school! Please click here to let me know which time works better for you: survey If you are unable to make it, your child will take home all of their projects/activities to share with you.

Field Day: 6/15

The best day of the year! 3S will be decorating t-shirts for Field Day. Our team color is light blue. If you did not order a tshirt, I will be purchasing plain blue shirts from AC Moore. Please click here to let me know your child's size. If you have a light blue shirt at home that you'd like your child to use (and don't mind if we decorate with puff paint/markers), please feel free to send it in. To help cover some of the cost, I am asking for $5 for shirt & decorating materials, $2 for just decorating. Also, if you interested/available to volunteer during Field Day, please click here or below to sign up.


5/30 School Closed, Memorial Day

5/31 Incoming 6th gr. Parent Orientation, 7PM, HMS Auditorium

6/2 5th Grade Student Orientation at HMS, 8 AM-10 AM

6/2 4th Grade Ellis Island Trip

6/3 Kindergarten Fire Station Trip

6/3 School Store, 1150-1240

6/3 2nd Grade Annenberg Center Trip

6/3 5th Grade Water Ice Sale, 3PM

6/4 Lizzy Haddon 5K, 8 AM- See information Below

6/6 Cubana Assembly

6/6-6/10 School Spirit WeeK

6/7 Bookworm Assembly 130 PM- 230 PM, APR

6/9 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony, 630 PM

6/13 Community Meeting, 10 AM, APR

6/15 Field Day, 9AM

6/15-6/17 Half Day For Students, 1230 PM Dismissal

6/16 5th Grade Lip Sync, 10 AM

6/17 Awards Assembly, 9 AM

6/17 Last Day Of School

6/17 Report Cards Available on Genesis, Preschool-5th Grade, 1230 PM

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Device Day Reward~

By Daniel & Jason

We’re ready for some. So let’s have Electronics and gum!

“Put in 3 Pom-Poms”. “We’re finished” all of 3-S screamed! Last week on Thursday we filled our Pom-Pom jar, that is a jar with 58 fluff balls in it that every time we are good we get some. We voted and Electronic/gum day won the vote.

On Tuesday we had are Electronic and gum day for 20 minutes (we got 5 extra minutes for good behavior),

If one of us didn’t have a Electronic we went on a class iPad instead.

We are so existed for the next time we fill are jar up again

Social Studies

By Cleo, Maria, Luke, Leo

Have you ever learned about the history of New Jersey? Well these are a few pieces of information.

We continued to learn about the history of NJ this week. One of the activities we did this week was a timeline. When we did the timeline we only put the important information. The way you do that is you think about the things that had an effect on New Jersey one. One piece of important information is that in the 1500’s the Lenape settled in the Atlantic Coast. Also in the 1600’s Henry Hudson explored what is now called the Hudson River and bought New Jersey for the Dutch. And in 1620 the Dutch set up a system where if you brought 50 more people you would own a piece of land.

It was called the patroon system. Patroons are land owners that received grants.

Reading Fairy Tales That We Will Adapt

Retelling the stories to get them "into our bones"

Reading Cinderella Adaptations

Fairy Tales


Writing rocks when you are in 3O, because we are awesome at writing.

In writing we started our new unit: FAIRY TALES! We were reading two books one was called Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Then we split into groups and told them over and over again so we could become experts.

We adapted stories of Cinderella. And adaptation is when you retell a story to make it your own. And some of the adaptations of Cinderella that we read were Sootface, Adelita, Joe Cinders, Cinder-Elly, The Way the Meat Loves Salt, and The Golden Sandal. We also have the domino effect. It is when you change one thing and then that changes other things.

Next week we get too draft!

Deciding what we might change in our own adaptations

Special Guest Soccer Match...Mr. Ohl came to visit!

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