NEWS from the S.S. Noah

Mrs. Johnson's Kindergarten Weekly News

January 11, 2016

Sneak Peek of the Week Ahead


Most everyone knows that the Arctic is located at the top of the planet and home to the north pole. But did you know the average winter temperature is minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and during summer, the temperature can climb to plus 50 degrees? That the Arctic is the only place polar bears live? This week we will discover what else you would encounter in the Arctic.


The letter Ee is a vowel and has a long and short sound. We will use both sounds but will concentrate on the short sound. We will play "I spy", make an Eskimo puppet, and learn a lot about the Eskimo people and their habitat.

I need to enlist your help. Please choose an Arctic animal from the following list.

  • wolf

  • caribou

  • snowshoe hare

  • snowy owl

  • polar bear

  • seal

  • whale

  • lemming

  • Arctic fox

  • walrus

  • ptarmigan

  • musk ox

If you are on line and have access to the net, there are many places to find information about animals by using a search engine. The library is still a wonderful source for information. I would like your child to prepare some kind of

"report" about the arctic animal you have chosen. This should take the form of a poster board with an illustration of the animal, its food, and other interesting facts. Your child should be able to "read/tell " about the information. Please keep this simple and fun! This is our first attempt at "research". This report will be due in on January 28th .

We will also have a poetry book to use this week as we continue to rhyme words. Our special rhyme words this week are fox and bear. Syllable clapping will be used on the arctic zoo animals.

Polar Bear Polar Bear, What Do You Hear


On Friday, we will have Eskimo pie math. Can you imagine how many bites it will take your child to consume an Eskimo pie? Only one catch--he/she has to tally each bite—one bite/one tally mark. That's what I call "internalizing" math! Estimating and place value will help us cover a polar bear with fluffy cotton balls. Each child will make an addition booklet as he/she makes up original fact stories about arctic animals. Math in Focus will strength our work with number operations in Workbook 2.

Frozen "In Summer" song -- Official | HD

Star of the Week--ILAH EWAN

Meet our Star of the Week, Ilah Ewan! Ilah is new to our school this year. We are so happy that she came our way. Ilah has a younger sister ( in the 3 year olds) and a little brother. She enjoys reading and math and loves AWANA activities at her church. Dancing and gymnastics are some of her top activities. Ilah has some favorites, too-- purple things, Frozen ( the music) and enjoys Barbies. Way to go, Ilah!

Mark Your Calendar

January 18

No School-MLK Day

January 22

Early Release @ 11:40am

January 23

Parent Night Out

January 28

Arctic reports ( on poster boards) are due at school. You may want to make this a Learning Fair project as well as a class room report. Be sure to read the Learning Fair bulletins as they are forwarded to you. I encourage you to participate in the Learning Fair but it is not mandatory.

School Closing Info--When School is Closed ...

Please note the following important schedule and logistics when Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy is closed due to weather conditions. Please also note that when CHCA is closed, all after school activities are canceled unless you are notified otherwise.

Note that TV or radio stations do not allow specificity for our 4 buildings so we all follow "Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy". There is no delination by building or campus. You will be notified of the plan via our phone messaging system, but just to be sure you are informed, ALWAYS listen to your local TV or radio stations. (There have been occasions when our phone messaging system did not reach all intended parties.).

After school care (Eagles Nest and Eagles Landing) will NOT be open for any students.


Dear Families,

Our first report cards came home on Friday! Wow! Each child has made so very much progress this year in so many ways. I want to thank you for all of the support you have given to make this wonderful progress happen. This will be an awesome and memorable year in the life of your child. I so appreciate the efforts of each family and the sacrifices made to accomplish these successes.