Colonial America

The Divided

New England

The New England colony consisted of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Economically they relied on fishing, farming, home manufacturers, and sea trade. The New Englanders seemed to live longer than the British because of their well diet. They also were very strong into their faith and looked down upon people who are not. They also quickly established a type of government.

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Middle Colonies

The middle colonies consisted of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. England later took control over New York and New Jersey making them royal province. Economically they depended on fur trade with the Native Americans and grain productions. Then along came Quakers seeking religious freedom and went to a new colony.

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The Southern Colonies

This area was the most diverse of them all. It had people from all over Europe as well as African slaves and a lot of Roman Catholics. Families were small because men outnumbered women, but they were needed to work on the vast amount of land. Tobacco, rice, and indigo influenced southern life. The development brought a lot of wealth, then came indentured servants. Servants who dedicated their lives to work until they gained freedom, but when they gained freedom they still had to struggle to survive. That led to rebellion which then died quickly leading right into slavery increasing abruptly.
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Something each and every colony had in common was religion. They were deep into their faith and relied on their faith in their god. They each had ways to make their lives easier and ways to survive by any means of work. They also had a view differences like how the south had slaves, and the other colonies didn't they all worked for what they needed.