Lincoln Bulletin

October 5, 2018

Our SIP Day work

Today, teachers across the district participated in professional learning opportunities related to the roles. At Lincoln, we spent the morning working together on topics related to our School Improvement goals, specifically reading workshop management, building a strong sense of belonging and community, and looking at data to improve student learning. This learning was led by our own dedicated Lincoln staff, and teachers walked away with ideas for immediate implementation in their classrooms.

In the afternoon, teachers attended sessions specific to their roles. Our classroom teachers and resource teachers spent time learning about a new math resource, Happy Numbers and further learning in Eureka math modules with other teachers from their grade level across the district. Our reading specialists helped facilitate the morning learning and worked with grade level teachers who are specializing. Other support teachers met with their colleagues to learn about topics specific to their own roles. Even our teaching assistants participated in professional learning that day. Often, these days are inspiring and exhausting all at once, so a three-day weekend gives our staff some much needed time off to relax and recharge.

PTO update

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to share Lincoln’s School Improvement Plan, as well as our current teacher professional learning focus with the Lincoln PTO. It was an honor to share the great work of Lincoln students and staff with all parents who were present.

We also are having a new addition to our PTO meetings, student council members will attend and contribute to the agenda of the meeting. Levi and Ma third grade representatives and Jack a fifth-grade student spoke and shared some of the ideas from the first meeting. It was great to see the students participate in our meeting and become actively engaged.

If you have any questions regarding the literacy, and math goals of Lincoln, please never hesitate to contact me. These are conversations that I love having!

Parent teacher conferences

Parent Teachers Conferences will be here before we know it. Conferences this year are scheduled for Monday, November 19th and Tuesday, November 20th. On Monday, November 19th, conference times will be from 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM and Tuesday, November 20th 8:00 AM 12:00 PM. As the date approaches, information will be shared regarding conference sign-up procedures. We are using the same process as last year, which allows parents to sign up for conferences directly. More information will be coming home in the following weeks.

Halloween Info

Wednesday, October 31st, Lincoln will once again host the annual Halloween Costume Parade at 1:30 PM. Only Kindergarten students will arrive to school in their costumes. All other students will bring their costumes to school and change into them before the parade. In the event of rain, the parade will be held indoors.

For those parents who wish to have their children participate in the parade, please follow the guidelines below:

 Students must be able to put their own costume/make-up on without assistance.

 No masks may be worn.

 No costumes and/or make-up may be worn that depicts blood and violence.

 Students are not to bring anything that resembles a weapon of any fashion, even if it part of a costume.

 No bare midriffs or scant clothing.

 Costumes must be appropriate for school and not distract students from the learning environment.

 Students will be asked to remove any parts of the costume that are not within the guidelines.

If you do not wish for your child to participate in the costume parade, please contact your child’s teacher or the main office. Lincoln will offer an alternative activity to those students which may include watching a movie or playing games.

Classroom parties will begin following the costume parade. For parents dressing in a costume, please make sure that you also follow the above guidelines. As always, we appreciate your continued support.

Run-A-Thon Times

If you plan to cheer your runner on below are the times. Students are working hard to raise monies for our school, currently the kindergarten in first place. Keep the pledges coming, and remember you can throw a pie at Mr. Navis face if you raise over $100.

Run-a-Thon times

Grade Level Time Slot

5th Grade 9:00-9: 40 am

K & 1st Grade 9:50-10:30am

3rd Grade 10:40-11:20am

Lunch/Indoor Recess 11:35-12:25pm

4th Grade 1:00-1:40pm

2nd Grade & K 1:50-2:30pm