Have you ever been the new kid on kampus


The main caractor is Marcus Jordan who just moved to a new aria he dosent know anybody he treys out for the football team to get to know some people. he meet a older man Charlie he becomes friends Marcus dint realize that he was Charlie Popovich AKA king of pop Charlie played in the NFL as a line backer. When Marcus starts school he becomes friends with the best quarterback on the team and its Troy Popovich Charlie Popovich is his son.Marcus starts to like Troys ex girlfriend.


I liked the book because i could relate the the events that went on in the book was the new kid at one time. my fave rate part was when Marcus and his frend put surup in KO pest control. it was a good book !! I didn't like the langth of the book. i would recomend this the 15 year olds going into hight school.