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CSA-Lincoln PTO is proud to present our 1st Newsletter! Thank you for your interest. As a parent of a CSA student, you are a valued member of our PTO and we hope this newsletter will keep you up to date on what's happening and how you can get involved.

November 19th 2015 Meeting Recap

Playground Project

The November meeting opened with developments in the proposed playground project. Since the original idea was brought to us in September, much interest has been generated and many developments have taken place. In October the Playground Project Committee met with Steve Forster from BCSC who took an interest in the project and arranged for us to have a professional master plan for the entire play area (essentially everything within the walled/fenced upper level area behind the school). Steve put us in touch with Randy Royer from the landscape architecture firm, Blue Marble Design LLC, and an initial meeting was held to discuss the needs and wants for the space. Randy was presented with the results from the parent and student playground survey that was conducted last month. A brief list of the survey results are listed below. The Playground Project Committee, and Steve Forster will be meeting with Randy in December to review the first draft of the plans.

Playground Survey Results

Top 5 Likes of the Current Play Space

  1. Swings
  2. Open play space for sports and general play
  3. Monkey Bars
  4. Slides
  5. Basket Ball Court

Top 5 Dislikes of the Current Play Space

  1. Size of the play area/equipment
  2. Broken equipment
  3. Asphalt/no grass
  4. Swings (not enough, squeaky, placement)
  5. Mulch

Top 5 Recommended Changes

  1. Add sports field/soft play surface
  2. Update play set
  3. More swings
  4. Fix broken zip lines
  5. More/better slides

Honorable Mention

  1. Add see-saw
  2. Add water fountain


Congratulations and thank you to Aimee Nguyen! Aimee was announced as the new Fundraising Coordinator and she hit the ground running! She presented an Indiana Pacers fundraising opportunity for late winter/early spring which was unanimously approved. She will have the dates, price, etc. at the December meeting.

Ornament Fundraiser - The CSA-Lincoln Christmas Ornament Fundraiser had no updates or estimated date of arrival for the product. It appears as if this one might have to wait until next year.

Labels for Education - Throughout the years, many Labels for Education (found on Campbell's Soups, Goldfish Crackers, etc) have been turned into the PTO along with Box Tops. PTO was not promoting the Labels for Education program because the points could only be used toward purchasing merchandise from their catalog and instead opted to focus on the Box Tops program which returns cash that can go towards any needs the PTO/School has. Our previous Box Top Coordinator had the foresight to open a Labels for Education account and submitted these labels even though the school wasn't officially running that program and boy has it paid off! This year we started with 14,000+ points and the Labels for Education program added prepaid Visa cards to their list of items that can be redeemed for points. We decided to start promoting that we accept Labels for Education in order to increase the amount we are already receiving.


Paw Pack - Last year PTO hosted the final Paw Pack of the the season and the funds brought in went to PTO. Mrs. Pickup asked if the 6th graders could do a Paw Pack-like event prior to the final basketball game of the season without disrupting the PTO's fundraiser in order to raise funds for their Chicago trip. It was decided that PTO would bow out this year and the 6th graders would host the final game Paw Pack.
Upcoming Events

Staff Holiday Breakfast - 12/15/15

Winter Break - 12/21/15 - 1/4/16