RRSD Community Update

April 14, 2022

District #35 Happenings

Last Thursday I was fortunate enough to witness two different classes learning in the outdoor classroom at RRES. Students eagerly engaged in hands on activities after receiving instruction from Ms. Caschera. It was a highlight of my week to see how much enthusiasm there was to go along with the valuable learning that was happening. We have many future green thumbs being nurtured.

The time for the RRSD to ask its voters for a new bond is near. Voters in the RRSD may be getting calls or emails this week from Nelson Research, the company tasked with surveying our taxpayers. The purpose of this research is to see if RRSD will support a bond and to see what projects they would be willing to support at varying cost levels. Once the polling is done and we know what the voters are willing to support for their school district, we will then design our bond request. Please take the time to share your opinions with the polling company if asked so we can have the most accurate picture possible when designing our bond.

Looking ahead to next year, there are some changes happening at the elementary school. Principal Jamie Wright will be stepping down at the end of June. After a thorough search process, vice principal Casey Olmstead was chosen over many other qualified candidates to step in and fill the principal role for next year. I am sad to see Mrs. Wright step away, but I am excited to know that her replacement is a good community builder who excels at fostering strong relationships. Our elementary school is in good hands.

Celebrations and Successes:

  • Our HS Honor Society recently inducted its highest number of members in recent memory. Great job, students!

  • The Rogue River Business Academy is up and running with 8 students involved to date. This is a terrific opportunity for our students to learn important career skills they can use post high school.

  • Rogue River Elementary School has already raised $1500 towards the Bubble Run.

  • 70% of RRES students are at proficient or mastery in their student habits.

  • SVA has been reaching out to offer services and support to homeschool families in our community. They are looking forward to serving more of the RR community.

Upcoming Events:

  • The Rogue River Elementary Bubble Run is coming up in May. The Kindergarten Round up is on May 24, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. on the East Campus. Please contact RRES for more details.


  • Paige Galpin: Paige was a steady, solid support for the elementary building while stepping in to the leadership role for several days when both Mrs. Wright and Mr. O were out. Paige was available, engaged, and supportive of students, families and staff.

  • Pam Weaver: is constantly going above and beyond to make RRES better for kids, families, and staff. She also helped keep the RRES staffed during the pandemic. She is top notch and worthy of accolades.

  • Trinity Tracy: Trinity is getting a kudo for her passion and creativity in designing courses at SVA based on the needs and wants of students.

  • Jim Hulslander: Jim was recognized by multiple administrators for his hard work, filling in for multiple positions, taking care of buildings, delivering mail, and doing all of this with a smile and a good attitude. We truly appreciate what a great employee he is.

  • Sarah Wicks: Sarah has done a fabulous job of managing student of the month, master scheduling, and developing the JSHS after school programs.

  • Leah Langfield: Leah is receiving kudos for the time and effort she puts in to making the Bridges program at the JSHS work. Her "kid sense" and ability to manage a variety of behaviors is incredible. We are fortunate to have her on our student services team.

  • Regina Scarminach: Regina has worked well with all of her families at REACH and has been complimented on how well she runs her IEP meetings.