Team Penn

September 7 - 11

I hope that you had a wonderful Labor Day and three day weekend!

Teacher & Leader Effectiveness Observation & Evaluation

The observation and evaluation feedback cycle will begin soon. Each of you have received an email that your observation will begin 10 days from the day the email was sent. Here is what you can expect during an evaluation cycles:

For Probationary Teachers (3 years or less):

  • 2 formal observations & feedback
  • 1st evaluation and evaluation conference: by the end of the fall semester
  • 2 formal observations & feedback
  • 2nd evaluation and evaluation conference: by the end of the spring semester

For Career Teachers:

  • 2 formal observations & feedback
  • Required evaluation and evaluation conference: end of spring semester

Please see the video below.

Tulsa Model Overview 2

Book Study: "Boys & Girls Learn Differently"

Whoopsie! I forgot to give you your books for the book study on Friday. The books are in the cart in the front office. Please pick one up Tuesday morning when you sign in. The books are numbered. Please sign the list and place your book number beside your name. Here are the assigned chapters:

Chapter 1: 1st & 2nd

Chapter 2: PreK & K

Chapter 3: 3rd & 4th

Chapter 4: 5th & Specials

Chapter 5: 6th & Special Education

You will have time to plan & read your chapters during plan this week. I ask that each group provide the highlights of their chapter to the group through a 15 minute presentation. Please also provide a handout with keypoints that you think are important for your colleagues to remember as they work with gender differences.

iRead K - 2nd grades

Please complete iRead assessments for new students and new kindergartners by Friday, September 11.

The iRead website for teachers is and teacher logins are their 5x2 for both username and password.

The student iRead website is and student username and password is their student ID number.

SAM Dashboard for Read180 & System 44

Teacher username and password for both SAM and Dashboard will be your 5x2. The website for teachers to access Read 180 is http://tpsescmsrss124:55880/slms/educatoraccess.

Student access to Read 180, System 44 and SRI is through this website: http://tpsescmsrss124:55880/slms/studentaccess. Students login with their student ID number for both username and password.

ISS pushed the icon for Read 180 & Systemm 44 to all student computers earlier this year. If your student computers do not have the icon, please see Ms. Philpot.

Aesop for reporting absences

To report an absence, please go to the TPS website. Find AESOP under the Employee tab and follow the prompts. Absences should be reported as soon as possible. If you need assistance with the system, you may call Aesop at: 1-800-942-3767.

Penn teachers used $600 above budget last year on absences. This takes away from field trips and other opportunities that could have been used to provide students with life opportunities. Our goal this year is to keep absences to a minimum. Please try to schedule appointments afterschool and during breaks.


Teachers who are using LiveSchool are investing students in being responsible for their actions! If you have not started, please have it up and going by the end of this week. Ms. Philpot can help with adding or removing students from LiveSchool. Mrs. Champlain has made it apart of her class' morning routine. Pick her brain for some great ideas!

Parental Involvement through "Stand for Children OK"

TPS is partnering with Stand for Children OK on a new parent engagement initiative intended to improve student attendance, reduce chronic absenteeism, and increase graduation rates. Stand for Children will promote the pledge through social media, public awareness efforts, and incentive programs for schools that show the most improvement. Parents will be asked to commit to helping their students “stay on track to a bright future” by:

1. Ensuring that children attend school on time every day.

2. Creating evening and morning routines.

3. Talking with children about the school day.

4. Reading with children each day.

5. Connecting with teachers.

This initiative will be lead and implemented in our school through the Parent/Community Advisory & Volunteer committee.

District Leadership Opportunity

The Office of Professional Learning is accepting applications for the 2015-2016 Emerging Leaders cohort. Emerging Leaders is a one-year, application-based pipeline program to support and develop teachers who are interested in future leadership opportunities. Additional information and application requirements can be found by online or under the “Teachers” tab on the TPS Professional Development Website. The deadline for submitting applications is September 18th.

Master Gardeners

The Tulsa County Master Gardeners are pleased to share their classroom horticulture-related programs with K-5 classrooms. Materials for the 2015-2016 school year are as follows:

· Program introduction

· List of presentations

· Brochure