Summer Camp Programming

Planning and Instruction for Kindergarten

Inquiring Minds Need YOU!

The Comprehension Clubs provide a convenient framework for a two week summer programming that engages students in reading, writing, and accountable talk. The passion for learning and inquisitive spirit will come from you! Be thinking of ways that you can extend learning by placing students' questions, ideas, and observations at the center of the learning experience.

Kindergarten: All Kinds of Jobs

Jobs, jobs, jobs! Where do people work and what jobs do they do?

While these books vary in format, all serve a similar purpose: to introduce children to the variety of jobs people do, the steps people follow to accomplish their jobs, and how all kinds of workers contribute to the community.

Included are five interactive Read-Alouds (pictured below) and corresponding teaching cards.

Each teaching card contains:

  • book summary
  • author note
  • overview of key understandings
  • suggested stopping points to elicit students' analysis
  • notable text features
  • support/vocabulary
  • connection to book clubs
  • assessment options
  • scaffolding and extension opportunities