Eagle Eyes

Article by Hunter J. Nicolas Thompson.

Teenagers on the run!

This morning around 2:00 am in the local park, two teenagers became wanted suspects for the murder of Bob the Soc. Eyewitnesses report that one of the teenagers pulled out a switch blade and stabbed Bob to death. One of the teenagers has long, greasy hair, and the other has short and brown hair. While their names are unknown, police have heard that the teenage slicers have ran off to Texas. Both teens are wanted dead or alive for a $10,000 reward. We talked to one of Bob's friends who was there on the scene, and he told us that "The last thing I remember was Bob being stabbed by that little greaser that tried to steal our babes. He betta hope that we don't cross paths again."

Murder's Base gets Lit!

Only days after the murder of Bob the Soc, police have found what they believe to be the teenager's hideout. An old abandoned church building was surveyed during the afternoon while on like for the murderers. To the police's surprise, they found a gun with ammo, around $50 in cash, and a switchblade. However, police were not able to survey the place further, as when they arrived the next evening, the church was burnt to a blaze. Eyewitnesses report that the church was set ablaze in the middle of the day, and that two teenagers saved five children stuck in the church. One of the eyewitnesses said "That old place was going to be demolished anyway, it just saved the workers lots of time and money. I still wonder what caused the fire, however, as there wasn't anything inside that could have done it."