What's been going on....

Welcome Back!

I know I had a busy summer that went very quickly, but I am so glad you and the kids are back! Some great pics from a few classes are below. I know you may have seen many of these on Twitter, but I thought I'd share here too!

Some Fun Happenings!

Opening Day & the Selfie Stick!

Book Wish List

Here is a Google Form for books you think we need to add to the library.

Sheri has access to it and will check it to see if the book is in our collection. If it isn't she will place and order. If you have an immediate need, I'm sure she would be more than willing to help!

The form will collect your email, just so we can ask questions if need be.

PLEASE add books to the list. It might be books that will help you with your unit, or that kids have been asking for! And feel free to suggest to the kids that they make suggestions for new books, too!

PLC & Coaching

I'm looking forward to working with everyone on formative assessment and student work in our PLCs.

Don't forget, we can work together in a more focused way during a coaching cycle. You can find more specifics here: https://www.smore.com/q6s9n

Prairie Area Reading Council -- Professional Development Offerings

Some of you may know I am the President Elect of Prairie Area Reading Council. This is a local reading council affiliated with the Illinois Reading Council and the International Literacy Association. We have three professional development offerings coming up this year. Some of you may be very interested in attending any (or all) of these!

The first is on October 18, 2016 and we will be hosting Nancy Steineke at Marquardt Dist. 15 Admin Center in Glendale Heights. Nancy Steineke is a co author of the books Texts & Lessons. She has a new book out with texts and lessons for content areas. Check her out on Heinemann's website here.

The second event is on January 25, 2017. We will host Book Gossip with Kathleen March at Emmett's Brewing Company in Downers Grove. Kathleen gives us a list of fantastic new books and offers a 20% discount for any of us attending! Dinner is fantastic and of course, who doesn't like to learn about new books??

The last event is on April 27, 2017. Prairie Area is bringing in Michael Carton, Lego Ambassador! He will be talking about Lego, Literacy and the 21st Century Skills. We will be at Marquardt District 15 Admin Center again!

If you are a member of Prairie Area, the fees for these are very reasonable, $25 for each event! For non-members, each event is $40. Joining Prairie Area Reading Council gives you the less expensive rate!

If any of these interest you, I'd be more than happy to talk with you about these!

I'm not above a shameless plug!

Alternatives to Coaching Cycle

If you want to just talk and not engage in a coaching cycle, we can set something up! I have "standing appointments" with several staff members and we talk about all kinds of issues! Let me know!

Have a fantastic weekend! Remember, I'm here to serve!