No To Sex

by: Marcus Golson

Overall consequences of sex

One overall Consequences of sex is is pregnancy. A second consequence is STD. The Third consequence is death from HIV.
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STD's Major Consequences

  • chlamydia- Can be passed from mother to child causing eye problems, pneumonia, or could possibly die.
  • HIV- It can weaken the immune system
  • Hepatitis B- Can lead to liver cancer, and even death
  • Herpes- severe central nervous system damage and/or painful blisters anywhere on the body
  • Genital Warts- Could get various cancers
  • Yeast Infection- overgrowth of the organism may occur causing an infection
  • Gonorrhea- Sever infection of the reproductive system, skin disease, and joint problems

Birth Control Methods (Best-Worst)

The first best birth control method is abstaining . The second best method is hormonal & barrier. The next best birth control method is the barrier. Another fourth best method is the female condom. The last best birth control method is the diagraph.
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Responsibilities of having a baby

The responsibilities of having a baby are being able to provide for it. You need to be eligible to feed. You need to be able to change the baby. You need to make sure the baby is healthy and that is has all of its nutrients.
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Safe Delivery Act

Take the infant into temporary protective custody. Provide information to the person surrendering the newborn. Obtain medical history relevant to the newborn

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Benefits of Abstinence

The first benefit of being abstinent can be a way of self respect and more respect for each other. The second benefit is that your not being pursued for any sexual reasons. another benefit is that it can lead to a better marriage. its also a chance to develop more depth in a relationship.
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