The Star Island

best place to viset

the location of my island and physical features

Star island is located in the pasific ocean.


only 400 or less live there put what i do know is that lot of people like going there because there's lot of lakes and there is snakes and drinks so if you get hungery there for free that way people do there alot. if your reading this you should go to what are you waiting for


My island has capitalism that means you can own your own businesses the government is limited that means that it can't do whatever they want there more manufacturing and service. What they send in to the Star island are many thing like car's and iPods, iPhones and other good stuff. Good things That we send out is food corn earings toys cars


the goverment dose not have all the power because the goverment is limited it can not do what ever they want it ruled by a few people thats called oligarchy i dont have a constituion


this contry was made 21 centery 2013 when was it made in july 21