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The United States and Canada share two borders and their relationship in which they work together is one of the closest and biggest in the world. The two Country’s trade is said to be more than $2 billion a day in goods and services, also in people-to-people contact. Almost 300,000 people cross the countries everyday by different methods of transportation. From federal to local, the two countries work closely together in fields ranging from security and law enforcement protection to free trade.


Canada and the United States don't always see eye-to-eye but they are the world's largest trading partners. Even though they share the longest border in the world, neither country feels the need for a military presence to maintain safety. Information on current relations can be found at Canada and the United States share tourism in many of the areas resting on their border, and they have maintained such good relations that residents of both countries close to the border frequently travel to the other country for shopping, employment, and other social activities. More information can be found at


The executive of each country is represented differently. In the United States, the president is both head of the state and head of government, and his "administration" is the executive. In Canada the prime minister is head of government only, and his or her "government" or "ministry" directs the executive. Currently, relations are slightly strained between the US and Canada since Barack Obama took presidency. Canadian's do lobby against "Buy American" products in the U.S. but all-in-all relations between the two administrations have been smooth. More comedically, the two administrations have held friendly bets on hockey games during the Winter Olympic season. In the 2010 Winter Olympics hosted by Canada in Vancouver, Canada defeated the US in both gold metal matches, allowing Stephen Harper to receive a case of Molson Canadian beer from Barack Obama, in reverse, if Canada lost, Harper would provide a case of Yuengling beer to Obama. During the 2014 Winter Olympics, alongside US Secretary of State John Kerry and Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird, Stephen Harper was given a case of Samuel Adams beer by Obama for the Canadian gold medal victory over the US in women's hockey, and the semi-final victory over the US in men's hockey.

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