Pop Art-Modern Day

"It's liking things."


Pop Art-Modern Day 1955-1972

Key people

Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Ashley Bickerton, and Andy Warhol.

Jeff and Ashley did a movement kown as "Neo-Pop", combine everything from camp and tchotchkes to luxury and immortal materials

Some art work from the art period

Main Idea's in the Art

The concept of the art is no hierarchy of culture, and the art may barrow any source, they also use abstract art. They also make out out of cartoons and everything but they also put no depth in the art created by layers of art.

Facts about this time period

1. Began 10 years after WWII

2. Began during the Cold War and used Post-WWII manufacturing for art

3. Movement arose from a rebellion against abstract expressionists