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3rd grade student completing a toolbox build sponsored by CEFGA and Home Depot

Finishing Hollis Strong

We are CREW! These words have never been more true as we complete a successful school year with much adversity. While teaching and learning through a pandemic our families, faculty, staff, and students have demonstrated amazing tenacity. We are so appreciative to each and every member of our Hollis family for adapting to the shift. Over a year ago when the pandemic first began, we thought we were going to be out of school for a couple weeks at most. We quickly learned that we would soon have to move to a virtual model and fly the plane as we were building it.

Since January 2021, we have had students to slowly transition back into the building. While getting used to our new normal, our students have taught us what it is all about. Their zest for learning has never been bolder. As a CREW, we take ques from students on how to be even better for them. This past year has taught us to look past test scores and focus on how to monitor growth in the most meaningful ways. We look forward to welcoming all of our students back into the building in August 2021 with a fully engaged sports program, our third class of 8th graders transitioning to THE Booker T. Washington High School, and a fully implemented academic intervention plan.

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Partnerships Matter

Our community is so grateful for the partnerships that continue to help us to fortify our school. We could not have served and provided for our students this past year without all of the partnership efforts that help to make Hollis a great place to grow and learn. Our partners have brought so much joy to our campus with gestures of love such as MBUSA sponsoring a Falcons Friday with Ben & Jerry's ice cream bar and a special guest appearance by Calvin Ridley! The Peachtree Road United Methodist Church sponsored all of our events held on campus to help shower our faculty and stuff with love. These events included the Heart of Hollis month where we had on campus treats for our staff every week in the month of July and our Teacher Appreciation event at open-air Skyline Park. We are continuing the work to further fortify our partner relationships for years to come so that our students can have a whole-child joyous school experience.

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It's hard to believe that we just transitioned our 2nd class of 8th grade students to Booker T. Washington High School! The grit displayed by this particular class to finish strong has been inspiring. We know they are off to higher heights and are confident that we have given them a strong foundation as a launching pad to soar! There's great anticipation of all the great things to come in their lives. These students have powered through virtual learning, internet disparities, social injustice, and so much more to finish strong. Thank you to each and every one of their families for trusting us to not only educate these amazing students but also to be a small part in the puzzle of their bright futures. We know you will continue to make us proud by #BecomingTheNext!
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We value each and every one of our partners and the commitment that you make to sustaining and giving to our growing school community. This school year, virtual and face-to-face, in the midst of a pandemic is something that no one has ever mastered. The Hollis community is so grateful that you continue to support us in the midst of uncertain times.

Our super partners--"Hollis Hero Partners"--this year are:

  • Mercedes-Benz USA
  • Peachtree Road United Methodist Church
  • Westside Future Fund


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