I Am Triangle.

By the one and only Matt Kuhn.

Wonder ball

I am a wonderball because you never know what you are going to recieve after taking a bite of the candy. My personality can range from being extremely comical to being serious when need be.
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Celebrity Bill Gates

If was to be a celebrity i would be like Bill Gates because I am responsible, dedicated and hardworking. I also want to get into the field of programming and coding like he did.
A short message from Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg ( What teacher dont teach )

Random Object: Blindfold

My personality can be described as a blindfold because people say i'm worthy of reliance or trust. If I am responsible for a task, you can trust me to get it done right, just as you expect a blindfold to cover your eyes.
Trust fall fail

A Dumbbell

I would consider myself a dumbbell because i believe in being active. If there's nothing to do in my spare time i will go to the gym or run around the block. Call me weird but I actually enjoy working out and exercising. I also eat anything i can, so be it healthy food or junk food.

An Eagle

An eagle represents my personality because i believe in freedom and equality for everyone. I also love being in high places, such as traveling by plane, or riding roller coasters.

A microscope

I am able to see the bigger picture. I harbor a desire to explore knowledge and facts as i am driven to gain an understanding of the how and why. I then use the acquired knowledge and apply it to real world situations.

A Watch

I am extremely time oriented. I am always the one rushing my family to arrive at a destination early. I usually have a set time for me to do homework, relax, exercise, and of course maintain hygiene. Call me crazy, but i enjoy being precise and punctual.

A Lion.

Whenever necessary, I can be agile, concise, energetic, and quick-witted. Other then that, i just relax for the rest of the day as the lions do. Some say I'm a leader, as i like the leadership role. I believe in strength in numbers.