A Flawed Hero

How Is He a Flawed Hero?

Macbeth's ambition was his biggest flaw. Ambition is not a bad thing to have, but your ambition shouldn't be something that would negatively affect others. Because Macbeth knew he was eventually going to be king, he desired it so bad that he said to himself, in order to get there, he must take away anyone and anything that would stand in his way. Deep down, Macbeth was good, and he definitely knew what was right and what was wrong. Knowing that what he was doing was wrong, when he finally became king, it made him hated by many, and the consequences of his actions haunted him and led him to be defeated by Macduff.


Harry Potter

A pretty famous anti-hero is Harry Potter. His dystopian society was his uncle's house. Harry's aunt (his mother's sister) and uncle didn't like his parents because they were wizards; even more the fact that Harry was also a wizard. They always had him locked up in his room and did not allow Harry to have any contact with his books, wand, and his friends from Hogwarts; he was miserable in that household. Aside from having to deal with his aunt and uncle as monsters, Harry had to deal with some REAL monsters, Voldemort. At the beginning, Harry didn't know he was a wizard and that he was the chosen one to defeat Voldemort. Obviously, Harry later comes to comprehend his purpose and frees everyone from Voldemort's evil intensions; being called the savior.