Caterpillar Room Newsletter

"What had happened during the month of March"

Welcoming new children

This month we welcomed a number of children who joined us in the caterpillar room. Elijah, Selena, Daniela and Isaac. All children settled in beautifully thanks to the wonderful caterpillar group who have welcomed them with open arms, a truly Christian attitude!

Harmony Day Celebration

One Australia

Children had the opportunity to celebrate belonging within a community as they took part in celebrating Harmony Day which took place on the 21st of March. Children participated in discussions about respecting one another and allowing each other to feel a sense of belonging within the preschool. Children were able to learn ways for making this to happen; by being nice and kind, welcoming children to their play, respecting our cultural differences.

All children had a lovely day, sharing some cultural food together while enjoying the outdoors during the picnic lunch.

We have fish!!

Thank you to Yanni and his family for not only donating in a fish tank with 5 fish, but also helping us set it all up. All the children are grateful and love looking after our new pets. Children are feeding the fish daily and are always making sure that the fish are well taken care of.

Our Healthy Eating Project "God Made Healthy Food"

we continued learning about healthy eating this month by having lots of discussions about what is healthy food, we linked this learning with the fact that all the food that God had made is healthy as it is directly from nature, children now recognise that we need to minimise processed food and food that is full of sugar and salt.

Children enjoyed sorting fruit and vegetables and where they grow, sorting out if the crop grows on a vine, a tree or under ground. Children participated in a hands-on learning opportunity where they were required to place the image of fruits and vegetables in the correct environment. All this is displayed on our project board. Come and take a look!

Cooperative Play

Educators are continuously monitoring children's play and encouraging cooperative play experiences by using positive reinforcement strategies, team building and group games that promote appropriate social skills. Turn taking, asking if one can join in play episodes, respecting each others creations are all vital skills needed for life. Children are adopting these skills which is clearly shown in their play.

Show and Tell

Children are growing in confidence as they engage in show and tell, sharing items from home or talking about a significant event that is meaningful to them. It is lovely to see all the children having a voice within the program. The children are practicing their talking and listening skills daily during this session.

At the beginning of this year we asked that all families bring in a family photo for children to share on their news day. We are still waiting for some families to bring in a family photo which will be displayed on our lovely family tree.