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March Edition

March is National Nutrition Month

Our school has been placing an emphasis on nutrition this year to teach our students how to live healthier and make good food choices. The best decision everyone should make is having the most important meal of the day...breakfast. Consuming breakfast has been scientifically proven to jump start metabolism creating lower body mass index (BMI), meet daily fruit and vegetable recommendations, lead to higher daily calcium and fiber intake, and have better memory and concentration. Unfortunately, breakfast is often the most skipped meal of the day. The mornings can be rushed just trying to get everyone out the door on time to school and work. Breakfast is especially important for children. Their growing bodies need the nutrients and fuel to start their day off right. Schools offer breakfast for all kids in case they did not eat at home. A recent study indicated Iowa is 49th in the nation for breakfast consumption at school. This data suggests many students in our state are not having the most important meal of the day.

George Washington has been selected as one of four schools in the state to pilot a grant funded program with the Iowa Department of Education and No Kid Hungry, a national organization working to address childhood hunger, to offer Breakfast after the Bell. We will be implementing a "Grab-n-Go" opportunity for students to eat breakfast in the classroom after the beginning of the school day. This program will begin March 10, 2020 and the pilot lasts for a minimum of four weeks. This will not take the place of our current school breakfast and is simply an addition to make breakfast more available to every student. This is not a free program and student meal accounts will be charged accordingly to free, reduced, or full rates. It is our hope to increase participation in the school breakfast program which will lead to better performance in school and a healthier life for our kids. Please contact me with any questions.

Yours in nutrition,

Mrs. Heather Davis

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We will continue to SWITCH what we DO, VIEW, AND CHEW during March!!

As a 5-2-1-0 registered site, we are committed to helping students live healthier lives.
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March 16-April 3 #ROCKTHETEST

The Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP) are assessments developed by Iowa Testing Programs at the University of Iowa for the state of Iowa. The assessments are aligned with the Iowa Core standards and provide a clear and accurate assessment of student learning outcomes in Math, Reading, Writing, and Science. Student growth, proficiency, and readiness indicators will be reported from year to year. GW will be celebrating doing our best with the theme #ROCKTHETEST

Tips for Success:

  1. Remind your child to take the test seriously.
  2. Encourage your child to do their best.
  3. Make sure your child gets a good night's sleep.
  4. Ensure your child eats a good breakfast to start the day right.
  5. Write your child an encouraging note in the morning.
  6. Ask your child about the test when they come home in the evening.

Thank you for supporting our students with this important assessment.

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Principal's Spotlight Book of the Month

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A sensitive book about the challenges of fitting in when you know you're a little different...

On the last night of summer, Emma tags along with her game warden father on a routine call. They're supposed to rescue a wild rabbit from a picket fence, but instead they find a little bunny. Emma convinces her father to bring him home for the night. The next day, Emma starts public school for the very first time after years of being home-schooled. More than anything, Emma wants to make a best friend in school. But things don't go as planned. On the first day of school, she's paired with a boy named Jack for a project. He can't stay on topic, he speaks out of turn, and he's obsessed with animals. Jack doesn't fit in, and Emma's worried he'll make her stand out. Emma and Jack bond over her rescue rabbit. But will their new friendship keep Emma from finding the new best friend she's meant to have? Newbery Honor-winning author Cynthia Lord has written a beautiful and sensitive book about being different and staying true to yourself.

On March 20, we will have a special bunny, Mr. Hopkins, come visit GW during lunch hours!!

GW raised $3,203.67 for American Heart Association's Kids Heart Challenge!!

Responsible Behavior after school

Please have a conversation with your student(s) to go directly home after school for their safety. Whether they walk from school or from the bus stop, it is important they check in at home before going someplace else after school. We are fortunate that our town is safe for our students but they also need to be responsible and accounted for after leaving school. Their safety is the number one priority!

Message from Iowa Department of Public Health on the COVID-19

There is an expanding global outbreak of a respiratory illness caused by a novel (new)

coronavirus. The disease the virus causes has been named COVID-19. While most COVID-19 cases are associated with travel to or from China, person-to-person spread is now being reported in other places, including Hong Kong, Iran, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. There are currently no cases of COVID-19 in Iowa, and there is no person-to-person spread in the U.S. It is normal to be concerned about the spread of this virus but more important to understand the risk of getting Influenza is greater to your student. We want you to be aware but do not feel there is a health threat at our school at this time.

The prevention measures for influenza and COVID-19 are the same:

    • Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your upper arm/elbow

    • Clean your hands frequently with soap and water

    • Contain germs by staying home when ill

Our school is promoting proper hand washing and use of hand sanitizing to prevent the spread of germs. We also continue regular cleaning of surfaces with disinfectants each day.

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From Mr. Coovert...

Growth Mindset and Perseverance

In February students learned about good and bad stress and how to handle it appropriately. They had a stress free afternoon where they learned all types of strategies to deal with stress in their lives including yoga, coloring, progressive muscle relaxation, exercise with the Little Feathers, and a lot of laughing.

Now that March has come the students will be focusing their attention on having a growth mindset and developing perseverance. These skills are so important to being successful in life. Having the attitude of “I’m getting better every day” and “practice makes perfect” really makes a difference. Please encourage your students to show these traits every day.

If you want to show growth mindset in action pull out a favorite children’s book from when they were younger and have them read it to you. Tell them it used to be hard to read this book but now it is so easy. Just because what they are doing right now is hard does not mean it always will be that way.

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March 3....PTO meeting 4:45 in the music room

March 3....Show Choirs perform for GW students at Grand

March 4....PBIS Assemblies

March 6....Friday Funday Incentive

March 6....PBIS KPride lunch with ManCountry

March 8....Spring Forward - Daylight Savings begins

March 9....No School for Students; Inservice Day

March 10...Breakfast After the Bell begins

March 16...ISASP testing all week

March 17...St. Patrick's Day - Wear Green

March 19...Spring Begins

March 20....International Day of Happiness "Don't Worry..Be Happy"

March 20...Friday Funday Incentive

March 20...Mr. Hopkins visit during lunch

March 23-March 27...SPRING BREAK (No School)

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George Washington Elementary

Heather S. Davis, Principal

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