Religion Origin

Christianity developed out of Judaism , In the first century C.E it is founded on the life teachings death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


The beliefs of Christianity is simple. Jesus Christ is the only god that Christians beliefs in. God knows everything from beginning to end. God is all powerful and there is nothing impossible for him. God is present everywhere. God is Love. God made our world. Jesus died for us so we can be forgiven for our sins.


Many people belief that Jesus leads Christianity even when he is dead.

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The interestingly the first community of Christian is Jews. This group belief that Christ by example of his teachings and through resurrection have brought a new vision able to God. As converts to Christianity increase the religion spread. With the founding of the new world Christianity began to spread beyond Europe and Asia. By 1900 Christianity have spread to every continent. It was a major world religion.

Holy places

Jerusalem,Bethlehem , Nazareth, Sephardi, river Jordan, sea Galilea, mount tabor, Jericho are the holy places here Christianity was begun and still continues.