Friday Focus

September 15, 2017

Collaborate Instructional Time & Naming Convention

  • When scheduling Collaborate sessions, ensure that you schedule the time for the entire length of the class so that if a student gets kick out of class they are able to re-enter. Core class sessions should be set for the duration of 55 minutes and not a half hour. The only classes that should be set for less than 55 minutes are homeroom and PLT.

  • In order to be consistent and to ensure students know each course and teacher we will follow the same format to name Collaborate courses. All teachers are required to use the following format: Time_Course Name_ Teacher Name (9:30_History_Kozar)

  • All teachers are required to record each core sessions or elective session daily for students who are absent or asynchronous to view. They should also be released that day so students can view the same day they are missed.

  • Teachers are required to be instructing students for the entire class period. There should be no reason to dismiss students early. Instructional time with students is limited and we need to take advantage when we have students with us in class. If your classes are ending early, you should re-evaluate your lesson plans and plan for more engaging activities to extend the class period.

Suicide Prevention & Awareness

September is Suicide Awareness Month

#BeThe1To is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s message for National Suicide Prevention Month. We will be encouraging students by spreading the word about actions we can all take to prevent suicide. The Lifeline network and its partners are working to change the conversation from suicide to suicide prevention, to actions that can promote healing, help and give hope. Together, we can prevent suicide by learning to help ourselves, help others, seek consultation from trained providers (hotlines and clinicians) and to seek hospital care when necessary.

Next week during homeroom teachers will be asked to post the Suicide prevention hotline number on their slide announcing September is National Suicide Awareness Month. You will not have to discuss anything but only have the number posted. During the week of September 25 in Homeroom, teachers will be asked to put up a different slide each day to show students during their class. (I will forward you the slides) You will be asked to read a message to your students on Monday.

“This is National Suicide Prevention Month. At Agora, we wanted to focus on action through the #BeThe1To campaign. For the rest of the week, in each homeroom, you will see a different slide each day about how you can Be The 1 To make a change. If you would like to learn more about the campaign, you can go to . If you would like to talk to someone, please reach out to your Guidance Counselor. This week, you can also go have “lunch” with Mrs. Bregenser from 11:30 – 12:30PM at her BBC room You can Be The One to make a change!”

If we can help one student or one family member, it will be worth it! Thank you everyone for your help with this initiative!

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, 9/20 (AM Homeroom Math CDT) (PM Abbreviated Course Schedule)
  • Wednesday, 9/20 3:15 Staff Meeting
  • Thursday, 9/21 & Friday, 9/22 (No School)

Required Lesson Plan Name Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that all lesson plans should be saved and labeled using the format below. This makes it easier for principals to review and know which ones to look at each week. It is fine to use folders but still save the actual document using the format specified.

  • Label each daily plan using the following format: Date.coursename.TeacherLastName (For example: 9.6.17.ELA.Kozar)