Academy of Environmental Sciences

Where Wonders Grow - September 15


Last week was an extremely busy week for us all. Thanks for your contributions as we hosted visitors three consecutive days. While I am pleased and proud of the aesthetics of our building I am more thrilled by the hospitality and kindness that was displayed by our faculty and staff. Thanks again.

2nd Grade to Saluda Shoals

Hopefully we all can make a connection to the Saluda Shoals experience on August 12 (our first day back from summer vacation). The level of engagement for us as big learners was very high.

Our 2nd graders will embark upon their first touch stone experience at Saluda Shoals. They will use the tools and language of zoologists (Zoology is the study of animals). Zoologists that study certain kinds of animals have their own names (ex. ornithologists -birds, ichthyologists - fish, and herpetologists - reptiles/amphibians).

Looking forward to hearing what they noticed, observed, and analyzed during their visit. More importantly looking forward to hearing their reflection as learners.

District and school based committees

Tuesday, September 16 is designated as a district leadership meeting day. Certified staff members that serve on district committees will attend those meetings (some of which are at other locations).

All other certified staff members will meet at 3:15 for school based committees. Our school based committees and facilitators include:

  • Leadership - J. Scott
  • Public Relations-M. Drayton
  • Student Activities-C. Sommers
  • Family Involvement-S. Somerall
  • PBIS - E. Perkins

Each facilitator will send an email to their committee with meeting location. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Mr. Scott will attend principals' meetings Wednesday, September 17 beginning at 1:00. Please see Mrs. Poore should you need assistance.

School Improvement Council Meeting

Wednesday, Sep. 17th, 6-7:30pm

DFES Media Center

Early Release Day Thursday, September 18. Lunch and related areas schedules to be sent Monday.

1st Grade to Saluda Shoals

Friday, Sep. 19th, 9am-12pm

5605 Bush River Rd

Columbia, SC

Birthday Wishes!

  • 9/17 B. Bennett
  • 9/18 B. Poore
  • 9/19 J. Foster
  • 9/20 N. Jefferson

Mission Statement

We develop students who care about the world we live in and express critical thinking through natural curiosity and wonder.