Comparing Characters

By Timber Hedrick

Hauchecorne and Brille

How the author develops these characters


-The author doesn't really describe what he looked like, but he said that Hauchercorne was a peasant. He acts well with other characters and always seems to stay calm. He wasn't a very voluble person. He stayed to himself and in the story the author never really mentioned any friends or if he had family.


-He is described as a thin fellow, hollowed out chest, and wobbly knees. He also wears glasses. Brille seems like kind of a wise thinker, in the beginning he was talking to his friends and he said how he thought the clouds were sending messages. He is a outgoing type of guy and it willing to stand up for himself and others.

How are they alike?

Hauchecorne and Brille are both characters who will stand up for themselves. When Hauchecorne was accused of stealing all the people starting talking about him but he tried to stand up for himself by trying to tell them what happened and get them to believe him. He tried to quell the rumors so they wouldn't believe them and think bad about him. When Brille was caught for dropping the cabbage he didn't deny it when the warder asked him who it was and he took a beating for his comrades. Also I think they are both the type of person who isn't completed satisfied until its the way they want it. Hauchercorne wasn't satisfied when he knew the people were talking about him and saying bad things and it aggravated him until he passed away. Brille wasn't satisfied until he found a headmaster that would get along good with Span one.

How are they different?

The characters are different by the way they react to things. When Hauchercorne was accused of stealing the pocketbook he was very shocked and kept trying to protest. When the headmaster asked who dropped the cabbage Brille was calm and wasn't scared when he told him it was him. They are different by the way they act. Hauchercorne seems more skittish and shy around people, he was shy around Malandain when he saw him picking up the piece of string. Brille seemed very outgoing towards people like when he was trying to get the warder to help him and Span one out. He wasn't scared to voice his opinion. Neither of them have any egregious feature about them.