Spain Costa Dorada

Spain Costa Dorada

The Gold Coast or Costa Dorada lies on the coast of Catalonia on the Mediterranean shore-line and is characterized by the typical mild temperate climate and year-round sunshine. The temperatures do drop a few degrees in the mountainous areas but otherwise, the weather remains very pleasant throughout the years, with not much contrast between the seasons.

The coast offers a wide range of holiday options, ranging from luxury resorts and hotels to apartment or villa rentals, campsites, lodges and guest-houses with B&B. Home-stays are also a popular option here. Rural tourism is very popular here and there are plenty of quaint farm-houses and country estates in which to experience the quiet and rustic life of the locals. Biking or walking tours from these locations to the various nearby historical places are usually available.

For sports and adventure lovers, this region offers plenty of options. Biking, walking, climbing and hiking tours are all available and this region is famous for hosting the RACC Rally of Catalonia in November. Golf is a major attraction here as are a variety of nautical and water sports and activities which provide fun, excitement and entertainment for the whole family.

The Gold Coast is a region of wonderful natural beauty, with contrasting mountainous and coastal regions. There are many nature reserves and protected forests here, ideal for hiking and trekking. Horse riding tours are also very popular. The Sierra Monstant range is a spectacular location in the Tarragon area and it is famous for its lofty oak forests, chasms and caves. There are thousands of species of local flora and fauna here which are protected by special guidelines. Several medieval monasteries, chapels and aristocratic mansions can be viewed along this region. Another wonderful region is the Prades Mountains where tourists can take the magnificent Valley Capafonts hiking trip across the spectacular Brugent River valley. The marine reserve of White House is another notable sanctuary here, near the port of Commaruga, offering thousands of rare species of marine flora and fauna.

History-buffs can enjoy the Cistercian Route tour, which takes you round three magnificent old monasteries and Romanesque churches. Declared a National Heritage, these monasteries transport you back several centuries. For art-aficionados, there is the Route Modernisme tour in the town of Reus which provides information and insights into the art nouveau movement in Spain.

There are hundreds of spas and wellness centers all along the Gold Coast. Thermal spas, hydrotherapy, beauty and health treatments, mineral water springs, hot springs and resorts which offer fitness and health packages are available for that much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation. Some of these are located in restored ancient Roman villas and aristocratic mansions in Montbrio or Camino de la Sierra.

For a Spanish holiday that provides something for every member of your family, head for the Gold Coast!

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