The ME Project

By: Gurvir Shokar

1. Me!

This is a picture of myself, Gurvir Shokar.
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2. Who am I?

My name is Gurvir Shokar. My Sikh ethnic background explains a lot of who I am, and the values that I have developed. My name was chosen using a religious method that is based on astrology. My parents are both from India and moved here only a couple of years before I was born. They spoke little English, and as a result, I was taught Punjabi as a first language. I grew up with a large family because my parents and both my grandparents lived in the same house. Growing up in this environment helped mold me into the man that I have become today. The “me” of today is very nice, kind, and happy. I have a lot of interests which include playing street hockey, watching television and most important of all, playing video games. Everyone is human and everyone makes a lot of mistakes, including me. I have made many mistakes at school like not using class time effectively and at home, like not cleaning my room. Overall, I am a kind human being who likes to explore and do a lot of different things.

3. My Life Line

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10. First Day of High School

In the September of 2014, it was my first day of High School. It felt like the first day of Middle School all over again but with more people. This date is very significant because it was my first time ever going to high school. At the time I was about fourteen years old.

4. My Favourite Things

5. My Leadership Style

The leadership style that best reflects me is leader as a consultant. This type of leader is a leader that participates and helps create decisions. This type of leader also recognizes the team members' opinions and their decisions. An example of this leadership style would be when I helped my Father spread fertilizer on our grass. I consulted with my Dad and said that before we fertilize the grass, we should pull out all the weeds and stuff that is not grass. My Father was saying that we should just spread the fertilizer but then I changed his mind when I said that the fertilizer would only help the weeds grow. This is a great example of leader as a consultant. That is because I did not force my Dad to pull out the weeds before fertilizing the grass, I consulted with him and encouraged him to pull out the weeds. Overall, the leadership style that best suits me is leadership as a consultant.

6. My Influences

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The person that has mainly influenced my life is my dad because he is the one that got to know me best. He always stands by my side and whenever I fall down, he encourages me to stand up by myself and on my own feet. My family is not the wealthiest family. Therefore, my dad tries to save every single penny he earns from work to buy anything that I need. My Father always encourages me go to school because he knows that the value of education will determine the future of the person. As a result, I admire him as a great person and have thought that my dad is really superman. My dad has a huge impact on the way that I became a person today and he is my main influence in life. He has influenced my life by teaching me the lessons and showing me the right behaviors and wrong behaviors. My Dad has taught me a lot of lessons that helped me become the person I am today. Some of my friends have also influenced me very heavily in the aspect of video games. For example, when there is a new video game out and my friends buy it, they also influence me to buy it. Overall my Dad is the biggest influence in my life, he is an internal factor whereas my friends are external factors.

7. Role Model/ People in my life

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The person who has been the role model in my life is my mother. She has been my teacher, counselor, role model, and my friend since I was born. For me, she is a source of motivation and a reminder of how much I am loved everyday. My mother gave up the family she knew in India to come to Canada to make a better life for my brother and me. She always teaches the importance of a good education. She does almost anything to help when it comes to education and homework. Although she is not the wealthiest person, she helps me out any way she can. Her good character, honesty and generosity makes her the type of person everyone can count on. When I grow up, I hope I have the same qualities as my mother because she is a motivated, determined and a hard working woman.

8. My Future

My future career plans involve going into the field of science. When I grow up, I would like to be a family doctor. My plans to make sure that I will be eligible to become a doctor is to take all three sciences and all three math courses. I plan to take these courses in grade twelve and I will try my best to get a ninety average. After I am done with high school, I hope that I will be accepted into a post-secondary science program like life sciences or health sciences. Obviously there is a lot of competition, therefore I will need to try my best to get the best possible marks that I can get in high school. After taking these post-secondary courses and attending university for four years, I will need to apply to medical school and try my best to get in. For medical school, there is a ton of competition because there are only about 25 000 spots I believe for medical schools in Canada. If I cannot get into medical school in Canada, I will apply to several different medical schools in the Unites States. After this plan, I hope to accomplish my life-long dream of being a family doctor.

9. Family Symbols

10. Personality Test Results

a)My Blueprint- Learning Styles:

Auditory-Kinesthetic Learner

b) My Blueprint- Personality:

ESFJ (Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging)

c) My Blueprint- Interests:

The Counselor (SI)

d) My Blueprint- Knowledge:


e) My Blueprint- Motivations:


f) My Blueprint- Compatibility:

Sports Medicine Doctor

g) Top 3 Occupation Matches:

1. Sports Medicine Doctor

2. Pharmacist

3. Family Physician (Doctor)

h) True Colours Handout:

Primary Colour: Orange

Secondary Colour: Green

i) Right Brain or Left Brain- Similarminds Test:

Right Brain: 49.2%

Left Brain: 50.8%

j) Holland Code Career Test all six:

Career type: Thinker