The Challenger

Asking Bigger Questions

Challengers have a full range of motion; they can see and articulate the big thinking and ask the big questions, but they can also connect that to specific steps needed to create movement.

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The Diminisher

With your shoulder partner share an experience you have had with a challenger.

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There are three practices of a challenger

  1. Seed the opportunity
  2. Lay down a concrete challenge
  3. Generate belief in what is possible

Seed the Opportunity

  1. Show the need
  2. Challenge the assumptions
  3. Reframe problems
  4. Create a starting point

Lay Down a Concrete Challenge

  1. Extend a challenge
  2. Ask the hard questions
  3. Let others fill in the blanks
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Generate Belief in What is Possible

  1. Belief that the possible is actually possible
  2. Lay out a path
  3. Co-create the plan
  4. Orchestrate an early win
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Your Task

As a group, create a non-linguistic representation of one of the three practices of a challenger. Be prepared to present to the group!

In closing

A Day Made of Glass... Made possible by Corning. (2011)

Dream Big