Eating Whataburger makes you smart


Chemical engineers in North Korea have done a study about Whataburger. What they have found is that the more you eat Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits the higher your IQ will raise. Leader Kim Jong Un has made claims that he is the smartest person in North Korea because he eats it.

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The leader of South Korea has his leading scientists on the case to see if North Korea's claims are true. He is testing to see if McDonalds will have the same effect on people. What he found is that it does not increase IQ. After this study North Korea had tested all the other items on Whataburgers menu to see if it raised your IQ. What they found is that any item on Whataburgers menu will in fact Raise your IQ.
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Income/ Inferior goods

Since Kim Jong Un has become smarter he has increased the earnings of his people by $10. Since this increase the people of North Korea are now able to afford Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits regularly therefore making them smarter. With this increase of income the people will no longer have to go to Taco Bell to get their breakfast causing them to go out of business.
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With this amazing scientific breakthrough Kim Jong Un was forced to open up North Koreas borders because of the huge demand for the Whataburger there. With this increase in population North Korea had no choice but to increase the places the people can live and had to increase its border security.


With the increase of the population Whataburger has increased its prices for their products since they are in such high demand. With all of this happening Whatabuger has turned into a global powerhouse on breakfast food. The have surpassed apple and google becoming the wealthiest company in history.