Noticing Zero

A description of zero

The characters appearance

Zero is a character from the novel 'Holes', He is a short, and has dark curly hair, a wide mouth, Zero is also an African American.

The characters actions

Zero is a character in the book who said that he loves to dig holes (pg.58). He has nothing going on in his head (pg.19). Zero is always with Stanley (pg.48).

What the character says

Zero asked Stanley " Did the shoe's have red X's on the back". (pg. 46) He tells Stanley, "I dont know how to read, will you teach me"?(pg. 82) Zero tells Mr.Pendanski " I like to dig holes".(pg.58)

What others say about the character

Mr.Pendanski said "You know why his name's Zero?" "because there's nothing inside his head." (pg.19) Mr.Pendanski says that Zero thinks he's better than every body else. (pg.58) Stanley thinks that Zero is a weird boy.