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News from around the district - September 1, 2015

Staying in Touch in LC

The purpose in this publication is to help us stay connected and informed across the district. It is my desire to communicate clearly, concisely, and continually with you as we work together this year. I hope you enjoy the photos and shared information.

Each year the Loudon County Chamber of Commerce produces a magazine about Loudon County. Here is the information that will be included about Lenoir City Schools:

Lenoir City Schools is committed to “Building Lenoir City’s future…one student at a time.” Each school focuses on student learning through direct instruction, hands-on activities, and interactive technology. Our administrators, teachers, and staff are working to ensure that all students grow academically each year from PreK through the 12th grade.

The Lenoir City High School Class of 2015 included 296 students who earned collectively $4,723,605 in scholarships, and the class included two Naval Academy appointees. Lenoir City Schools has launched a STEM Academy which culminates in a STEM endorsement on the LCS Diploma.

Beginning in 2015, Lenoir City Schools has moved to a "Learning without Limits" environment where personal digital learning tools are offered to students in grades 3-8. Each student received a chromebook laptop computer to help students learn and work in the digital world.

Lenoir City Elementary School is recognized by the Tennessee State Department of Education as a school that performed at the highest level of student academic growth in 2015. It is our goal to make sure that students have skills they need and every opportunity to pursue their hopes, dreams, and fulfill their aspirations.

Lenoir City Schools also provides a quality program of Fine Arts classes in all schools. Music, band, drama and art are part of the comprehensive offerings at each school. Physical activity, sports opportunities and wellness are also emphasized. Our Family Resource Center was recognized in 2015 by the Tennessee Department of Education for their work with our families and community. Lenoir City Schools focuses on students and families as we serve the community.

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Family Resource Center Recognized for Excellence

Congratulations, FRC!

Congratulations to our Family Resource Center staff who have received recognition from the State of Tennessee. They will present their “Best Practices Story” for interaction with preschool at a state conference in Murfreesboro at the end of the month. We appreciate each of you--Susan Fox, Linda Tillery, Wendy Stooksbury, and Mary Gonzalez.

Technology Shout-out from LCES

A technology shout-out goes to Sandy Isolino! Sandy used Padlet in her classroom for the first time on Wednesday! She used it during instruction to introduce culture. Students used computers and tablets to collaborate on the Padlet pin board(you can use this just on computers if you don't have tablets). She said, "By the end of the lesson, I had first grade students copying and pasting pictures that described culture on Padlet. They were so engaged in what I was teaching." Sandy says she will continue to use this resource in her classroom.