Rising Up

Jenna D

Starting from the Bottom, Rising to the Top

In the beginning of her sixth grade year, Mia had a rocky start. She had to deal with things no other person should ever have to deal with. Despite having the odds against her, she was able to rise out of them. Her strong spirit, bubbly attitude, and positive outlook helped get through those hard times and come out unscathed and with a better understanding of the world around her. This has shaped the person who she is today.

What is a hero?

There are many different definitions that many people will have if they are asked to describe what a hero is. Some may say a fictional hero like Superman or Wonderwoman, flying through the sky and saving the day. Others will say an individual saving a child or elderly person from a burning building. My definition, though, is quite different.

Not only personal

Although Mia may be a hero I know personally, she is not the only one. There is one other person who I look up to and inspires me: Matthew Mungle. Mungle is a renounced special effects makeup designer and whose talents are incredible. Being an aspiring special effects designer myself, I find that he is one of the most inspiring makeup designers.

More than meets the eye

Bullying effects more than twenty-five percent of children. Bullying is a type of abuse and will affect someone, whether it is the bully or the victim, in both a positive and negative way. In my interview, Mia has shared that she has previously been a victim of bullying but does not look back on it with distaste. How could someone be able to do this?

A letter from a loved one

Dear Mia,

I know that I haven't been with you for the past two years, and I miss you so much. I really do hope that you feel the same. Life gets pretty lonely up here, but I can always watch over you if I ever feel the need. Yeah, it does sound sort of creepy. Anyways, I hope life is doing you well and you have someone new to take my place. Even though I cannot be at your side, please do not fret. I still love you and miss you so much. Just know that I will always be at your side even though I cannot be physically with you.


Your cat, Indie

An animal lover

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