Ms. Braswell's Community One Family

Think. Innovate. Create!

Project Work

We have been busy adding to our aquarium! Other community families worked on painting the windows to look like water while our family worked on other aspects of the aquarium. While our Hammerhead Shark group is beginning to construct their shark, other learners are taking this time to research and create coral to go into our aquarium. They came up with a list of materials and a plan to create their coral. Once it is placed inside our aquarium, they will add labels and a written explanation of each coral so visitors know what they are seeing when they stop by. Ask your learner what coral they are researching and creating and what materials they might use to make it! Our Hammerhead Shark group began to construct the body of their shark this week. They wanted to learn how to measure with a ruler so that they could make their shark exactly 5 ft long. I love watching them problem solve together as they construct their shark. The other shark groups are getting ideas about how to construct their shark just by watching this group.

*Please keep sending in newspaper, paper towel rolls, and toilet paper rolls.

Project Work 1:25 - 1:29

Silly Sentence Mapping

We have learned many parts of speech this year to help us move from simple to more complex sentences in our writing. We are creating silly sentences every day to help put everything that we have learned together. We start out with a noun and a verb and then add adjectives, adverbs and a prepositional phrase to make the sentence more descriptive and help the reader create a vivid picture in their head. Then we map our sentences using shapes and lines to show the different parts of speech.

Review with your learner what nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and prepositions are. See if you and your learner can create and map silly sentences at home and send them in to share with us!

We started with, "The Cheetah ran." We worked together to add adjectives, adverbs and a prepositional phrase.

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Poetry Journals

Every week we have a poem that helps us discover anything from grammar and phonics skills, to math, science, and social studies concepts. Each day we find and highlight things we see and something new in our poem. It could be digraphs (ex: th, sh), blends (Ex: fl, cr), parts of speech (nouns, adjectives...), spelling patterns (bossy e, r-controlled vowels...) and so much more! We love to illustrate our poems, find "heart" words and make motions to our poem as well. This journal comes home every Friday and needs to be returned on Monday. Encourage your learner to read their poems to you and also tell you the things we found in our poem for that week.

Special Guest Readers

Mrs. Margaret Lowder read her published book to us and brought her dog, Amos!

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Mr. Matt, from Pike Road Branch Library, comes to read to us every month. You can see why the kids enjoy it so much!

Mr. Matt

Publishing and Valentine's Day Celebration

It's that time to celebrate again! Your writer has been working hard on their "How to" books and they are ready to share them with you. Since we LOVE writing, we thought we would celebrate our published piece and Valentine's Day all in one. Our party is February 12th at 1:20 to 2:00. All are welcome! Please click the link below if you would like to contribute to the celebration.

*If you choose to send Valentines, please send enough for each learner in our family. You may write names on the cards. Your child will deliver them during the day on the 12th. A list of names will be sent home next week.

Get Ready for a Very Special Community One Event

Community One will be participating in something very exciting beginning in February. We are in need of books to help make this event possible!

I have created an amazon wish list of the books that we have decided to use. We would love to have our very own class copy of each book to celebrate and enjoy for the rest of the year. If you would like to help, click below to purchase a book! Thank you in advance for supporting our love of reading!

Check with your learner about this special event after the big reveal on February 17th!

Future Field Trips

February 26th: Let's Pretend Hospital at the IPSMS building (former Montgomery Surgical Center- service road down from Baptist South). Learners will be introduced to a hospital environment in a friendly, educational, and non-threatening manner. We will leave promptly at 8:00.

April 20th: Lanark We will be learning about the conservation of wildlife and natural resources as well as conducting research on the comparison of salt water to fresh water life. Learners will have the opportunity to go fishing while we are there!

*We are looking into the number of chaperones for each trip. Learners will be bringing home information about the costs in their Red Folder closer to the date.

Mystery Reader

Please click below to sign up to be our Mystery Reader on Friday afternoons at 2:30. We have 12 slots to fill! If this day or time does not work for you please let me know and we can find another day.

Room 118 Needs

Please do not feel obligated to donate to our class but here are some things we need or would love to have if you think of us!

-Tissues (We are going through these fast due to all the sniffles!)

-Bag of play sand for our Sand and Water table.