Module 5 Lesson 12

The Culture Discussion is Due today

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Lesson 12 Grammar Notes

In lesson 12, you have learned about Japanese Indefinite Pronouns. Let's take a look at the differences through the example sentences below.
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きょうあさごはんになにもたべませんでした(I didn't eat anything for breakfast today)
きょうしつにだれもいません (There is no one in the classroom)
こんしゅうまつどこにもいきません (I won't go anywhere this weekend)
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  • なにをたべますか
what will you eat?


  • なにかたべますか
Do you want to eat something?


  • だれがいますか
Who is there?
  • だれか(someone) だれかいますか
Is someone there?


  • どこ(where)どこにいきますか
Where will you go?
  • どこか(somewhere)どこかいきますか
Do you want to go somewhere?
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Have you caught up with everything on your assignment?

Please check your grades along with my feedback on your assignments about how to improve your Japanese. Even though I didn't call each of you to tell you about which assignment you missed, you should know to check on and submit any missing assignments. Please go back and check on any missing assignment that might need to be turned in from lesson 8 onward, and you can turn it in to boost your grade up until your Final Project. However, after that I will not accept any missing assignment that is turned in.
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Final Project is due by May 26th

Japanese 2 has no final exam, but there is a final project. Students will need to work on this project over the course of the next several weeks. This project should not be put off until the last minute!

The final project is a lot like the Mid Term project where you will create a multimedia presentation using the grammar and vocabulary you learned in lessons 8 - 15. You will need to create 1 slide per lesson with 5 sentences and use a corresponding picture for each slide.
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