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Technology: beauty or beast?

At first glance many people would believe this to be a simple and easy question. Technology is brilliant of course! Ipads, Ipods, mobile phones, consoles, the internet the list is endless. Many advances in technology have brought with them immeasurable benefits to the human race. However under the surface of this progression is there another story? To what extent could the technology designed to help us actually harm us?

What about the workers?

The human cost of cost cutting...

On a recent trip to a local supermarket I was amazed at the amount of 'self service fast lanes' now in place there. Brilliant according to some people. Less time hanging about in queues waiting for check out staff to become available. What about those staff though? Where did they all go? Their tills are obsolete and so are they so what will become of them now? Should we really be sacrificing people's livlihoods in the interest of time saving and is this really what the machines are about anyway perhaps they are just there to lower the companies outgoings therefore increasing profit!