Español II

Capítulo 4A y 4B

By the end of this unit, students will be able to:

  • Identify toys, games and activities from when they were a child
  • Describe their childhood memories using the imperfect tense
  • Ask about what someone else's childhood was like
  • Compare and contrast characteristics and possessions using comparisons of equality and inequality
  • Discuss reciprocal actions

Mi niñez

Mi niñez era muy divertida. De niña, yo era muy bien educada. Siempre obedecía a mis padres y me portaba bien. A veces me peleaba con mis hermanos pero solamente de vez en cuando. Me gustaba mucho saltar a la cuerda y montar en triciclo. Yo jugaba con mis bloques y mis muñecas. Yo coleccionaba las monedas y tenía una colección muy grande. Mis padres me permitían pasar tiempos con mis vecinos. Ellos me prohibían cruzar la calle sin mirar ambos lados. Yo siempre tenía y que caminar con nuestro pero. El se llamaba "Cody". Me encanta mi niñez. Era muy especial.

Essential Standards addressed by this unit

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Grammar concepts covered

  • Imperfect Tense (past actions that occurred more than once, used to occur or were happening in a given moment)
  • Comparisons of equality (as smart as, as much as, as many as)
  • Comparisons of inequality (older than, younger than, better than, worse than, taller than, shorter than etc.)
  • Reciprocal actions (each other or to one another)

La cultura: Mi niñez

Etapa de la Niñez Temprana

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La casa embrujada

WOW! So much has happened since we met our main characters, Pepino, Panzón, Sandy and Mr. Dallas. Sandy and Mr. Dallas bought a house in Acapulco and are having some weird things happen. Luckily, the "infamous" detective Pepino and his loyal sidekick are there on vacation and can come to their rescue. They group went to dinner the other night to discuss the odd activity within the house like the door closing Panzón inside a room, Pepino "falling" down the stairs and the chandelier almost falling right on top of him. At the restaurant, somehow Panzón ended up falling off a cliff. Don't worry, he survived! But, he says he was pushed. Now, the group will take a tour of the coast line to better get to know the city. What else will happen now!?!?