4th Grade News at JCT

Week of February 8 - February 12

A Peek at Our Week


This week students are using the skill of summarizing in order to determine a theme, or message, within a fiction text. Some questions to ask your kids this week as they read their favorite books at home are: Who is telling the story? What details can you tell me about the setting? Can you explain what the problem, or conflict, is in the story? Describe the main character. What is he/she like? How do you know? Does the character change or learn a lesson by the end of the story? What message, or theme, do you think the author is trying to share with the reader? Exlpain.


This week, students are working on building sentence fluency by learning strategies to revise short, choppy, and repetitive sentences. In spelling students are adding the suffix -ed and using the homophones: were, we're, and where appropriately.


This week students are revising their expository pieces to improve the organization and flow. Students know that an expository piece needs to have an introduction paragraph that grabs the reader's attention and introduces the topic, a body paragraph for each main idea that is fully developed with supporting details, and a conclusion that summarizes the topic and main ideas. Students are also aware of some non-negotiables in their writing. Students must follow the conventions for capitalization, end punctuation that identifies the sentence type correctly, and use indention to seperate and identify paragraphs.

Social Studies

Students will continue to analyze the events and conditions that led up to the Texas Revolution.


This week we will explore the properties of the water cycle.


We will explore adding decimal fractions.

Upcoming Events

February 12th Valentine’s Day party 1:30 -2:30 & Red Out Day

February 12th Mom's & Gents Dance with the JCT Jukebox 6:30 - 8:30

February 13th 8am-10am – Waffles with your Sweetheart

February 15th Bad Weather/Staff Development Day - No School


Stride Academy is a fantastic adaptive program that our students can use to build and practice their skills in reading, math, and language arts. NISD has purchased a plan for each campus enabling every student to have his/her own account. It is an expectation that students are logging in at home every week and completing lessons in all three areas.

Mooneyham/Chambers Homerooms: http://Texas.StrideStart.com

Class Code: KCC04814

Password: student id number

Macheca/Reich Homerooms: http://Texas.StrideStart.com

Class Code: KCC38536

Password: student id number

Parent Communication Folders

Parent communication folders are being sent home each night. They will be a daily communication tool between you and your child's teachers. The folders must be signed each evening and return with the student every day to school. We will communicate both positive and negative choices made by the student, and this record will help to determine the behavior grades on each six weeks report card. The calendar in there also lists upcoming events during this six weeks. Work that needs to be completed, as well as graded work will be sent home using this folder. Thank you in advance for helping to establish a routine with your child where they can talk to you daily about their learning. It is so important for kids to know that their parents value their education and are willing to take an active part in it. Signing the folders is one small way to show your child that you will take the time out of your day to ensure that they are being successful at school. If it is important to you, it will become important to them.

Changes in Dismissal

PLEASE email the front office and your child's homeroom teacher should you have a change in how your child will go home. Ride changes must be made in writing, either in a note sent with the student, or in an email. Requests must be made prior to 2:00pm in order to ensure that it is properly communicated. Your child's safety is of our utmost concern.