1st Grade Newsletter

Ms. Christian's Class, Blossomwood Elementary

Week of April 11th to April 15th

Important Dates:
  • April 14th- Blossomwood Talent Show, 6pm HHS Auditorium
  • April 19th and 20th- STAR Reading and Math test
  • April 22nd- No School, built in weather day
  • May 6th- Last day to take AR tests
  • May 24th- Beach Day **AR Goals and Behavior contribute to Beach Day Attendance!
  • May 26th- Last day of School for students

Snack Week: Laiken

Next Week: Walker

Upcoming Tests

Reading and Spelling test Friday


Reading Log

Read daily for 15-20 minutes

Spelling, 3 times each

Tic Tac Toe

**Please be sure to check your child's AR points and averages. Our goal is 8 points each nine weeks and an 80 average.



  • Vowel Sound of OO
  • Inflected Endings, Drop the Final e
Spelling Words:

book, moon, took, food, look, pool, zoo, noon, good, foot, instead, another

High Frequency Words:

instead, none, another, among


Pronouns: I and Me



Dot and Jabber and the Great Acorn Mystery

Comprehension Skills

Compare and Contrast


Informational Fiction


Topic 15: Geometry

  • 15-3 Properties of Plane Shapes
  • 15-4 Building with Shapes
  • 15-5 Making New Shapes from Shapes
  • 15-6 Identifying Solid Figures
  • 15-7 Flat Surfaces and Vertices


Chapter 6 Weather

  • Lesson 1 What is the Water Cycle?
  • Lesson 2 What is Weather?