New Look Books are Here!

But what about the old ones?

Make them work for you!

The Spring and Summer collections are designed to go together! So that makes the Look Books a perfect pairing and you can use both at Pop ups. They compliment each other.

Question: I still have a lot of Spring look books, do I need to get the Summer look books? The answer is YES! absolutely. You will want the most current one, especially since our Summer collection is so popular. It is the one-stop-shop for your customer's vacation, day out or even her backyard BBQ! (Did you know you can use credits to order Look Books? )

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They are your tools

When it comes to buying look books MM~ Sandy Kempf has some great tips, she is a consistent seller with long lasting success. And we #LearnFromTheBestThenDoBetter, right?

Sandy's advice: "When I first started, I was very stingy with look books, I never let girls take them home from pop ups or vendor shows, I'd gather them up right away, but I found my sales have improved tremendously by giving them out freely, I know it can get costly, but really they are less than $2.00 each, and if you get a sale, or pop up booked from a couple of look books it's well worth it, and you can use credits to buy them....personally I love to sit and drink my coffee in the morning with a look book or catalog in hand...try ordering about 5 pkg, hand them out whenever you see a potential customer, you'll be surprised at the outcome."

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Create a Contest

Merchandiser Jenna Adams attaches a contest sticker with the chance to ''win this necklace'' to her old look books and leaves them all around town. Simply txt the number and be entered. Don't forget the follow up!

Above All: Be Creative. Be Confident. Be You.

This is a lot of information, tips and suggestions regarding your old look books, but how do you go about it? Take some time and formulate a plan of action. Write down your steps. Prep your look books with your information and schedule a time during the coming week to implement it. Want to leave Look Books around town? Create a list of where you are going, have them ready and schedule it in your day. You will see a greater return of your time invested when you have a plan. Be deliberate, professional and be the amazing business woman I know you are.

I Am Here for You!

I want to help you build your business to everything you want it to be! Do you want to have $250 in extra spending money each month? Do you want #forever40 status and 40% commission? Do you want to use this experience as a platform to advance your career? LET'S DO IT!

xo - Johnna